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Activities & Programming

Pine Harbour specializes in creating unique programming and activities for the Residents. The Assisted Living and Memory Care Activity calendars are carefully planned to ensure each Resident has an opportunity to participate in a variety of meaningful activities that enhance the mind, body and soul.

Stimulate Your:


Keeping your mind fit is just as important as your body!  Here are some of the ways we exercise our brains:


  • Memory games, word games and brain teaser exercises

  • Card Games

  • Bingo

  • Trivia

  • Educational Presentations

  • Current events discussion group

  • Monthly Resident Council Meetings


There is a lot of truth to the saying, "if you don't use it, you lose it".  That's why at Pine Harbour, our health and wellness activities are crucial:


  • Daily Exercise Class - focusing on gentle movement

  • Tai Chi Chair Exercises

  • Walking Club (In the winter, we go to the Mall!)

  • Wii Bowling

  • Dancing

  • Musical Ball Toss

  • Gardening


Keeping spirits high is equally important as exercising the mind and body.  When the Residents are happy we are all happy!  Here are a few examples of how we stimulate the soul:


  • Live music

  • Enjoy the Arts - Pine Harbour features a rotating art gallery

  • Arts & Crafting

  • Lunch Outings

  • Shopping

  • Intergenerational Activities

  • Religious Activities

  • Happy Hour

  • Pet Therapy

  • Roxy - she makes sure everyone is happy!

Pine Harbour is a unique community, in the sense that our activities and programming are based on what the Residents enjoy doing.  They have the power to choose what they would like to participate in and what activities they would like to see on the monthly calendar.  Our caring staff is here to help keep our Residents motivated, engaged and encouraged to participate in our daily activities.  We are always open to new ideas, new activities and volunteers who could teach our Residents a thing or two!

Feel free to read our monthly newsletter, Pine Notes - a monthly insight to life at Pine Harbour!

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