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Memory Care

Come take a walk with us down Memory Lane!
Alzheimer's & Dementia Care


We remember moments, not days.  In addition to Assisted Living, Pine Harbour features a specialized, secure Memory Care neighborhood solely dedicated to those with progressed forms of memory loss or other dementia related disorders, including Alzheimer's disease.


Just because one has memory issues does not mean they require this level of care, however if one does have progressed cognitive impairment, this environment is conducive to help maintain independence.



  • A safe and secure environment

  • Specially designed activities and social programming

  • Safe and secure outdoor walking garden area

  • Consistent and structured daily routine to help minimize stress, anxiety and triggers

  • High staff to resident ratio

  • 24 hour supervision

  • All inclusive care and services


We, at Pine Harbour, embrace the philosophy that "it is their world, we are simply living in it."  All staff are specially trained to work with individuals who are experiencing memory issues.   When you move in to Pine Harbour you trully become part of a big family.  We pride ourselves on knowing each and every resident and their individual needs. 


Memory Care Floor Plan:

Traditional Studio

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