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Services & Amenities Include...

Pine Harbour prides itself on providing the best care possible for each individual Resident.  Our Residents do not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and all other menial tasks once they move in!  The amazing staff here carries the burden of all the hard work, leaving more time for Residents to do fun stuff, like Happy Hour, playing cards, shopping, going out to eat or taking a trip to the Casino!  

Services 1. Assistance With Personal Care


Caring for a loved one is no easy task, but Pine Harbour's caring staff makes it look effortless!  Resident Assistants are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure residents needs are being met every day.

Each resident requires varying levels of assistance with Activities of Daily Living (aka ADL's).  It is our mission to identify each individuals needs and initiate and maintain a solid care plan.  We strive to meet those specific needs while preserving each residents dignity and independence. 

Services 2. Three Delicious Meals Per Day


Residents of Pine Harbour are served 3 nutritional meals every day in our full service dining room that overlooks beautiful Lake Champlain.  Residents don't just eat here, they enjoy a culinary experience.

Our Dining Services Director, ensures that "nutritional" doesn't mean food has to taste like card board!  All meals are prepared on site, fresh, from scratch and with love.  Don't believe us?...Join us for lunch!

Services 3. Medication Management

There is nothing simple about managing medications properly. Leave this daunting task up to our professional Wellness Team!

Our Wellness staff manages medication for all of our residents; from ordering and receiving the medications to assisting our residents with administration.


Services 4. Weekly Housekeeping


Cooking and cleaning are a thing of the past when you move in to Pine Harbour!  Residents apartments are thoroughly cleaned, top-to-bottom, weekly.  

Wondering what happens if a resident makes a mess in between their weekly scheduled housekeeping?  No worries, a Resident Assistant will help pick up or clean anything our residents need help with!

And...the best part???  NO MORE DOING LAUNDRY!  We do it all for our residents!

Services 5. Transportation


Residents get to ride in style and comfort in our new Toyota Sienna Hybrid Minivan. Our driver takes Residents to and from doctor's appointments, shopping trips, and many other life-enriching social activities! 

Services 6. Activities, Events & Social Opportunities


Our focus is to improve the overall quality of life for Residents by providing a plethora of life enriching activities, events and opportunities to socialize.  Pine Harbour offers a variety of social gatherings to accommodate the varying tastes of each Resident.

Residents can choose to participate in any or all activities offered!

Services 7. Maintenance


Chad, Maintenance Director, here at Pine Harbour and his handy assistant Joe, are more than happy to hang pictures, curtains or mount flat screen TV's for our residents.  The Maintenance team is always keeping busy to ensure everything is in perfect working order!


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