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When is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?

10 Questions to Help Determine if You Are Ready for Assisted Living...

1.  Ask yourself if you are feeling alone, isolated and depressed?

2.  Do you have any fears of living alone?

3.  Are you providing care for a loved one or spouse and it's becoming too much for you?

4.  Be honest with yourself, are you experiencing any issues with memory loss?

5. Are you aware of the different levels of care available and that you can transition as your needs change?

6.  Is driving becoming too difficult and is your doctor urging you to stop driving?

7.  Is cooking and cleaning becoming increasingly difficult to manage and does your diet consist of healthy, well-balanced, nutritional meals?

8.  Are you taking medications properly?

9.  Is your personal health or hygiene suffering?

10. Have you made poor financial decisions lately?


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